SEO Settings in the Control Panel

This article will outline where you will find the SEO settings, as well as some general guidelines to follow.

Helpful Hints:

  • This takes time! Make sure you allocate enough time to tackle your SEO settings.
  • Make it unique! The more unique the better.
  • Keep it short! Meta titles should only be a few words and meta descriptions should not be more than 150 characters.
  • SEO settings are not instant ranking boosts. These settings are a necessity, but it may take time to see the results.
  • Why are my SEO settings not displaying correctly in search rankings? These tools give you the ability to tell search engines what you want them to display. Whether the various search engines choose to use it is up to them.

To reach your SEO settings, make sure you're on the home page of your Control Panel and click on the SEO button in the Helpful Tools toolbar.

Here you will see three tabs; Search Engine Settings, Site Pages SEO, and Smart Text Settings.

  1. Search Engine Settings – This is how your site will show when the homepage ranks in Search Engines.
    • Enter a site title that reflects your site's name – Keep it short!
    • Enter a one-word short name for your store. This helps search engines differentiate your site from other similar sites (no spaces necessary- think of it as an "ID")
    • Meta Description – Describe what your site does and who you are in 1-3 short sentences.
  2. Site Pages SEO – Here you have the opportunity to enter page titles and meta descriptions for commonly used landing pages. It’s a good idea to fill in each of these pages. Make sure to make it unique!
  3. Smart Text Settings – These are pre-generated settings that impact your entire catalog. The settings are great right out of the gate, but making yours unique will only help. Make sure to use variables!
    • The Smart Text Settings tab allows you to change the metadata for the vehicle pages, category pages, subcategory pages, assembly/illustration pages, and accessories pages.
      • You can use the variables provided to generate manufacture, year, or car specific info on these pages.
      • Page H1 Tag displays the H1 on the specific page
      • Meta Title is the title of the page that you want Search Engines to display
      • Meta Description is the description you want Search Engines to display
      • Page Text allows you to add readable content to the bottom of these pages.

DO NOT TOUCH: Please, do not touch the “Browse by Vehicle Pages – Page H1 Tag”. Any other Page H1 tag can be edited, but this code is very fragile. If you need to make any changes to this section please contact 


Individual Part Pages:

The individual Part pages settings can be found under the “Product Page Admin” links or by searching "Product Page Settings" in the control panel search bar. This section allows you to edit the product page SEO. Variables are key so our system will populate the correct info on the product page.  

What you can edit:

  • Page H1 Tag
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Page Text

NOTE: Changes to your SEO settings impact your entire site. On the "Individual Part Page" and "Smart Text Settings," you MUST use variables so that the product info displays correctly.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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