A good product page can help you keep visitors on your pages longer and convert more sales. Below are a few things to consider when working on your product pages.

  1. Upload a product image
  2. Unique product descriptions
  3. Provide links to useful articles and install instructions
  4. Unique product titles

Uploading a product image:

Most parts will include a diagram or an outlined diagram of what the part looks like but by uploading a product image you can boost your conversions rates. A product image is a necessity for selling parts online. Customers want to see what the actual product looks like. You can navigate to OEM Part Info and upload images individually by product page.

To upload images in bulk follow this article:


Unique product description:

Out of the gate you will have a standard product description for all of your products. A good way to beef up the product page is by adding a unique description.  Unique descriptions not only help describe the product to the customer but it also helps with unique content on the product pages (For SEO).

To upload you own description you can navigate to the product under “OEM Part Info” and add the description there or you can follow the article below to update unique descriptions in bulk through a spreadsheet.


Provide links to useful articles, videos and install instructions:

Dealers often want to direct customers to other products associated with a specific product. For example, a Jeep Wrangler front slush mats could be linked to the rear slush mats for the same vehicle.  Also, providing a customer the install instructions of the part being purchased is very useful. These links can be added right to the product description. You will need to use a little html but it’s pretty straight forward.  Follow the format below to add the link:

For a URL:

<a href="You would type your URL here" target="_blank">Click here!</a>

For a YouTube video: 

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For a PDF:

<a href="images/custom/pdf_file_name_goes_here.pdf" target="_blank">PDF Link</a>

By changing “Click Here” or “PDF Link” you can change the words associated with the link.  In order for any PDF link to work you will need to upload the PDF in the file manager. You can find the file manager by searching “File Manager” in the admin search bar.

Unique Product Title:

There are two different ways to handle this you can edit the product titles under the product page settings tabs in admin or manually edit product titles under “OEM Part Info”. Make sure that your product titles have the part number and Product Title.  


If you have any further questions you can reach out to our Tech Support team at or 480-779-7278.

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