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How to update individual OEM Part Info

If you want to update OEM part info for multiple parts at once, click here.

The "OEM Part Info" feature is where you can modify the information for individual OEM parts.  Common uses for this feature are to designate a part as "Not For Sale," to feature a part on the homepage, or to update a part's weights and dimensions.

To update the information for a particular part, you'll need the manufacturer and part number of that part.

First, log in to your admin panel and navigate to the Helpful Tool "OEM Part Info."

After that, select the manufacturer of the part you're trying to update (if you only sell one manufacturer's parts, this will automatically appear.)  Enter the part number of the part you want to update (in this example, we'll use 31513-TK4-A10), then click "Get OEM Part Information."

After that, the part's information will appear in the window.  You can modify most aspects of the part from this page, including the product description, whether or not the product is visible on your homepage, it's designation as discontinued/hazmat/etc, and more.

You can also mark product as Free Shipping and edit the OEM weights and dimensions.

 Once you're done updating the part, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button.


That’s it! You have now successfully updated the information for an OEM. If you have any further questions contact us at support@revolutionparts.com or by phone at 480-779-7278.

If you want to update OEM part info for multiple parts at once, click here.


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