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How to add Dynamic SEO Pages

Dynamic SEO can be used to setup smart categories on your website. Smart categories allow a user to search under a specific set of parts such as “brakes” for all brake related components that fit their vehicle. This is a fast way for users to access catalog items pertinent to their vehicle and the components necessary to fix a known issue.

Dynamic SEO can also be used to direct paid AdWords searches to specific criteria that you determine when setting up your keywords within an ad. Doing this forces Google to index the pages being used for the ad so if you feel that there are product specific pages not getting as much search traffic, this is a great way to direct traffic to those pages and create more relevant ad content for targeted users.

Let's get started - Log in to your RevolutionParts Control Panel


  • From the marketing tab select "Search Engine Optimization" then select “Dynamic SEO Pages”

  • Now select “Add a New Dynamic SEO Page” to open the editor

  • You will now see the editor page where you can format your message


  • You will now select your search terms by clicking “ADD NEW TERM”

    TIP: If you were making a search for water pumps, select the search terms “water”, “pump” and “water pump” by separating multiple terms with a comma.

  • If you want this category to only apply to a specific make and model then make those selections:
    EXAMPLE: “Volkswagen” is your make and “Beetle” is your model
  • Then you can build out the page using text and images as you would for any typical text page addition.


  • Let’s look at this view now from the front-end of the site:

And that's it!  Contact support@revolutionparts.com or 480-779-7278 if you have any questions!


If you are interested in using the RevolutionParts Marketing Agency to take care of your marketing needs, email rpmarketing@revolutionparts.com.

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