International Google Product Feeds

So you want to sell international? Google Product feeds is a great way to generate sales and increase conversions.  RevolutionParts gives you the flexibility to create product feeds domestically and internationally.  

NOTE: If this is your first time setting up a Product Feed make sure to refer to our GMC Verification  article and Google product feed set up articles first!

What you will need access to:

  1. Google Merchant Center
  2. RevolutionParts Control Panel

NOTE: Before you start you will need to enable a secondary currency on your site. Contact RevolutionParts Support at or call 480-779-7278 to enable a new currency. Please have the currency code and conversion rate handy.

Google Merchant Center Setup

Now that you have enabled a new currency we will need to change a few settings in your Google Merchant Center.

Navigate to Google Merchant Center:

  • Click: Settings > Automatic Item Updates
  • Click “Edit Settings”
  • Check to enable automatic item updates
  • Attributes to update, choose “Price Only” 
  • Save Changes

Create your shopping feed in Google Merchant Center:

  • In GMC click on “Feeds”
  • Click the “+Data Feed” button
  • Choose “Standard” mode
  • The Feed Type will be “Product”
  • Target Country: Select the target country you wish to sell the products in.
    • Note: This will be the same as the country you just created a currency for.
  • Enter your feed name ending in .txt and no spaces


  • Hit Continue
  • Choose “Regular Uploads by User”
  • Re-enter your product feed Name
  • Hit Save

Revolution Admin Panel Feed Setup

Navigate to the RevolutionParts Admin panel

  • Under “Google Tools” select the shopping feed tab
  • Create a feed
  • The second option will be “Data Feed Currency” Choose the currency you wish the feed to be in 
  • Fill in the rest of the feed info
  • Hit add

You’re done! The product feed will be created in about 2 hours. You will be notified of the feed creation via email. The feed file will generate links based on the currency and target country you have enabled in the steps above. Still have questions? You can reach out to our technical support team at or call 480-779-7278.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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