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How to set up local pickup

This article will walk you through how to setup local pickup. Local pickup, gives you customer the ability to pick up their order directly from your store!

Navigate to:

  • From the Control Panel home screen click on “Shipping” under the helpful tools section                                                                
  • Click on the “Custom Methods” tab
  • Then Click “Add a new custom shipping method”
  • Set the Carrier Name to “Local Pickup” or “In-store Pickup”
  • From the drop down choose the calculation method. Choose how you want to charge shipping when local pickup is selected. NOTE: Most dealers have free local pickup and the calculation method will not matter.
  • Oversized Items method? Select “NO”
  • Skip down to countries and choose the county you wish the method to show for.
  • Next choose the States/Provices. NOTE: Most local pickup options are for in-state orders only but you can apply to a region greater than your state.
  • Is the method Hidden? In the drop down mark “NO”
  • Click the save changes button
  • Next you will need to add the weight range and pricing.
    • Set Min Weight to 0 and max weight to 100000.
    • Set pricing depending on the method you chose previously. The calculation method will determine if you charge a flat rate, base price + price per pound, etc.
    • If you are not charging enter “0” for any pricing fields.
    • Click the add button then the save changes button.
  • Your local pickup option will look something like this on the front end of your website.

That is it! Your site is now setup to accept local pickup as a shipping option. If you have any further question you can contact us at support@revolutionparts.com or call 480-779-7278. 

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