To integrate ShipStation with your Web Store you will first need to create a ShipStation account. You can sign up here!

Once you finish signing up and verifying your account, log in to your ShipStation account:

  1. Click the Profile icon on the top right, then "My Profile..."
  2. In the left-side menu, click on "Selling Channels," then "Store Setup."
  3. If you don't have an existing integration with a RevolutionParts store, click the green "Connect a Store or Marketplace" button.
    If you do have an existing integration with a RevolutionParts store, click the "Connection" link to the right of the store and skip to Step 10.
  4. In the popup, scroll to the bottom and select "RevolutionParts"
  5. You will need to log into your RevolutionParts dashboard to obtain the following pieces of information. Important: The steps outlined in the ShipStation instructions are for the legacy platform only. Follow the instructions in this article to obtain the information needed.
    • Username 
    • Password
    • URL
  6. In a different tab or window, open your RevolutionParts Control Panel and do the following:
    • Click the arrow to the right of your user name
    • Select Account Settings
    • Select Integrations located in the far-left menu
  7. Select the “Shipping Manager Settings” tabScreen_Shot_2017-08-28_at_11.09.07_AM.png
  8. Click the green "+ New Integration" buttonScreen_Shot_2017-08-28_at_11.17.35_AM.png
  9. Name your integration.
  10. Select ShipStation from the dropdown 
  11. Select which order statuses you want to populate your ShipStation (generally all are selected)
  12. Click the blue "Add Integration" buttonScreen_Shot_2017-08-28_at_11.22.13_AM.png
    • IMPORTANT: you MUST save the integration before you can proceed. ShipStation will not work unless you save the integration in the Control Panel first. Once you click "Add Integration," you can proceed to the next step.
  13. You may need to re-open the integration by clicking the pencil to the far-right. This is were is where you will find the URL, Username and Password. Copy and paste these into the ShipStation setup.
  14. Update your Order Status information to the following.  You MUST configure the Order Status fields EXACTLY as they appear below.
    • Awaiting Payment Statuses: New, Awaiting Payment
    • Awaiting Shipment Statuses: Ready To Ship
    • Shipped Statuses: Completed
    • Cancelled Statuses: Canceled
    • On-Hold Statuses: In Progress
  15. Depending on how you're configuring your store, you may be able to link the account now! If so, you're all set. If not, proceed to the next step.
  16. Enter you store information


Once the integration has been configured, you'll need to make sure your shipping methods on ShipStation match the shipping methods on your RevolutionParts store. 

  • Click on Edit for your RevolutionParts store in ShipStation, and go to Shipping Services to Add Service Mapping 
    • Here you will copy the Carrier/Method from admin
    • Screen_Shot_2018-11-05_at_9.40.52_AM.png
    • Paste the method in the “Service Key” section of ShipStation
    • Choose the comparable method from the service drop down
    • You can also enter you custom methods and assign specific carrier method
      • For example: if you have free shipping as an option you can assign that free shipping always goes UPS Ground. This applies for oversized and any other custom methods you create.
    • Hit Save and repeat steps until all of you shipping methods have been added to Service Mapping.
  • Hit Save

ShipStation will navigate you back to the setup screen and prompt you to setup your shipping carriers.

  • You will now be prompted to connect your shipping carrier account
  • Choose the carrier you wish to setup and follow the account settings
  • Enter your account information
  • ShipStation will verify your account.

Creating a Warehouse - ShipStation may require that you create a Warehouse in order to setup shipping carriers

  • In order to setup your warehouse click the gear in the top right corner of ShipStation.
  • Choose the warehouses tab on the left hand navigation menu
  • Click to add a warehouse
  • Enter your Company/Warehouse address
  • Hit Save


You are officially setup with ShipStation!

New to ShipStation? Need help navigating ShipStation? Checkout the ShipStation support for more information.

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