How to set up ShipRush discount postage (Endicia)

Setting up ShipRush Discount Postage (Endicia)

  • First you need to download ShipRush Discount Postage. Download here
  • ShipRush Discount Postage will take a few moments to download.
  • Navigate through the ShipRush setup wizard.
    • Accept terms and conditions
    • Choose what you want to do in the wizard.
      • Sign up for ShipRush Discount Postage
        • Choose if you have not already signed up for Discount postage.
      • Use an existing Discount Postage or ShipRush-ready Endicia Account.
        • Use this method if you already have an Endicia Account.

Setting up account for NEW ShipRush Discount Postage users

  • Create and account
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Enter company information
  • ShipRush will send you an email confirmation and prompt you to download a file. The file you are downloading is all of your account information. Make sure to keep it on file.
  • Your ShipRush Discount Postage (Endicia) account is now setup

Configuring ShipRush Discount Postage in the Revolution Admin

  • Navigate to Manage Shipping
  • Click on the shipping manager tab
  • Make sure that ShipRush is selected as your Shipping Manager
  • Under USPS Postage choose “Endicia” from the drop down and hit save.

You are officially setup on ShipRush Discount Postage (Endicia)! Any shipments created through USPS will open up ShipRush Discount Postage.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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