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How to verify your site in RevolutionParts admin

When verifying your site for Google Webmaster Tools you will need to use the Meta tag verification method. In Webmaster Tools this is under alternate methods.

  • In Webmaster tools click to verify your site
  • Navigate to the “Alternate Methods” tab
  • Choose the HTML tag method
  • Google will provide you with a small snippet of code. Copy the code
  • Navigate to the revolution parts admin page
  • In the search bar in the top left corner search “Site Verification”
  • Click on Site Verification
  • Paste the HTML meta tag in the correct field.
  • Hit Save!

The admin panel will automatically add your meta tag to the code of the site. You will now be able to verify you site in Webmaster Tools.

Still have questions? Running into an issue with your site verification? Reach out to RevolutionParts Support team by phone or email.



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