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How to set up drift marketing campaigns

  1. Navigate to the “Drift Marketing Campaigns”
  2. Create New Drift Marketing Campaign
  3. Name your campaign
  4. Choose the amount of time to wait after cart is abandoned before sending email
  5. Enable your campaign
  6. Choose an email subject and message
  7. Choose a Google Analytics Medium to help track the source in analytics.
  8. Click save!

To view and test your new Drift Campaign:

  1. Click on the campaign you just created 
  2. Input an email and click Send Test E-Mail to view what the email will look like. 
  3. You will receive the test email shortly. Note: Test e-mail is for formatting validation only. The link to the car will NOT be functional. 

You are done! You have now finished setting up your Drift Marketing Campaign. If you have any further questions contact us at support@revolutionparts.com or call the support line at 480-779-7278.



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  1. Click the arrow to the right of you Name in the upper right corner
  2. Select Account Settings from the dropdown
  3. Select Store Settings
  4. Select your Revolution Parts store
  5. Click Abandoned Cart Savers
  6. Click the green "+ New Cart Saver" buttonScreen_Shot_2017-07-12_at_2.48.00_PM.png
  7. New Cart Saver:
    • Campaign Name - Name your email
    • Campaign Enable - Enable email? (select from dropdown)
    • Campaign Type - Is this email for orders or quotes? (select from dropdown)
    • Email Delay - How long after cart is abandoned do you want the email sent (select from dropdown)
    • Google Analytics Medium - info comes from GA if applicable
    • Subject - Title of email (add Text Replacements (variables) if applicable)
    • Message Body - Type your email (add Text Replacements (variables) if applicable)
    • Send Test Message - Enter your email to test your Abandoned Cart emailScreen_Shot_2017-07-12_at_2.49.42_PM.png
  8. Click the blue "Add Cart Saver" button

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing
support@revolutionparts.com or calling 480-779-7278!

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