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How to change the price of OEM parts

Use this section to control the pricing on your OEM parts. You can also control which OEM parts you would like to manage on your own. Any parts (or parts prefixes) you add here will get custom pricing according to your preferences independent of the overall catalog pricing. The pricing changes will take effect on the next catalog update.

  • Click on the OEM Catalog icon in Helpful Tools                                          
  • Move to the “Managed OEM Parts” tab
  • Choose the manufacturer of the product you are going to change
  • Enter the part number or parts prefix (prefix must be 5 alphanumeric characters)                                                  
  • Choose between the three different methods you want to change the price by
    • Fixed Price
    • Cost +
    • MSRP –
  • Enter the value ($ or %) you want to edit the price by

NOTE: For Fixed Price you must enter the dollar amount. (Cost +) and (MSRP -) you must enter the percentage you want the product to be changed by

  • Enter the list price of the product
  • Enter a comment of your choosing                                                         
  • Enter a Valid Until Date (mm/dd/yyyy). (NOTE: Once the date passes the rule will be cancelled and revert back to your standard pricing rules)
  • Your currently manage parts will populate here

NOTE: The pricing change will be reflected on the site immediately. If you do not see the price change right away clear your cache and refresh the page. 

If you have any further questions contact support@revolutionparts.com or call at 480-779-7278.

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