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How to Change the Price of OEM Parts

This article will cover how to override the pricing on individual OEM parts. Any parts (or parts prefixes) you add here will get custom pricing that you define, independent of the overall catalog pricing.

  1. From the Control Panel Dashboard, click on the OEM Catalog icon in the Helpful Tools bar along the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the Managed OEM Parts tab at the top.
  3. Choose the manufacturer of the product you are going to change.
  4. Enter either the entire part number (if you're changing a single part) or part prefix (if you're changing multiple parts in the same category). If you're using a prefix, it must be at least 5 characters long.
  5. Choose between the three different pricing rule methods.
    • Fixed Price (sets the sale price of the part(s) to a dollar value)
    • Cost + (uses the Cost of the part(s) and adds a percentage)
    • MSRP – (uses the MSRP of the part(s) and subtracts a percentage)
  6. Enter the value ($ or %) you would like to change the pricing rule to.
    NOTE: For "Fixed Price," enter the dollar amount for the new sale price. For "Cost +" and "MSRP -," enter the percentage you want the product price to be changed by.
  7. Enter the list price of the product(s) (optional but recommended).
  8. Optionally enter a comment. This is internal only, and is intended to keep record of why you changed the price in the first place.
  9. Optionally enter a Valid Until Date (mm/dd/yyyy).
    NOTE: Once the date passes the rule will be cancelled and revert back to your standard pricing rules. If you don't enter a date, the pricing will remain in effect until you delete the override.
  10. When you're done, click the "Submit" button to save the changes. The page will automatically refresh.
  11. Your currently managed parts will populate underneath the form. To delete a pricing override, click the "Delete" button to the right.

    NOTE: The pricing change will be reflected on the site immediately. If you do not see the price change right away, clear your browser cache and refresh the page. 


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To change individual part prices on the Manage platform, you must use the Bulk Upload tool. For information on how to use that tool, please see this article:

Updating OEM Pricing in Bulk

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