How to Upload a Logo to PayPal's Checkout


  • File must be no larger than 50kb
  • Preferred pixel size for banner 750px by 90px
  • Preferred pixel size for logo 190px by 60px
  • File must be saved as GIF or JPG
  • Account must be a Premier or Business account

Lets get started - Log into your Paypal Account

  • From the My Account page click on "Profile"
  • Open “Custom Page Styles” from the Hosted Payment Settings

  • From the bottom buttons click "Add" to create a new Payment Page template/style
  • Provide a name of your new template; ensure to only use letters and numbers, no spaces
  • Upload your header or logo image to your site to the images folder.

  • Next, add the image settings within Paypal. There are two options below logo image and header/banner image. Make sure that you are loading the right image into the right area.
  • If you are using a logo image only, enter the secure URL for that image (https:// ...) in the "Logo Image URL" textbox. Also enter the desired color settings in the other fields and then click Save.

  • If you are using a header image, enter the secure URL for that image (https:// ...) in the "Header Image URL" textbox. If your PayPal banner has a white (#FFF) background leave the Header Background Image, Header Border Color and Background Color fields empty.


  • Then click "Save".

  • Lastly, after clicking "Save" on the Page Styles screen, select your new style and click "Make Primary".

  • That's it! Sign out of your PayPal account and run a test transaction within your store, if you followed the above instructions correctly you should now be seeing your custom PayPal logo or banner on your PayPal Payment pages.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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