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How to Set Up Wholesale Discounts

Setting up wholesalers is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to set up your Wholesale Settings.

  1. Search for “Wholesale Settings” in the helpful search bar
  2. Under the “Activate wholesaler discounts at” drop-down, select the “Calculate discount globally” option.
  3. Next, choose how many wholesale levels you wish to have and enter the discount percentage for each level. For this example, we'll set 2 different wholesale levels.
  4. You may also want to set a "Cost +" minimum so that your wholesalers can't buy anything lower than your dealer cost. To do that, change the value in the "Cost + 0% Min" field. By default, the value is set to "0" so that you can't sell parts below your dealer Cost.
  5. Hit save!


You're done setting up your wholesale levels! Now it's time to add some wholesale customers.

  1. To make a customer a wholesale customer, navigate to the "Customers" section of the Control Panel.
  2. Search for the customer that you want to make a wholesaler.
  3. When you find them, click their name to open their customer profile.
  4. To set a discount, click the "User Access" drop-down and select the level wholesaler that you want your customer to be. Doing this will apply the discount you just created when they check out while logged in.
  5. Save your changes and you are done!
  6. When your customer goes to add an item to their cart they will see the list price and then their wholesaler discount price. 


How to Setup Wholesalers to be Tax Free

**Note: How to setup wholesalers to be tax free is a two part process

  1. Type Taxes in the search box
  2. Click the tab "Add a New Tax Rate"
  3. Enter Tax Name
  4. Select Define Tax Zone
  5. Select Tax Class - General is default
  6. Select Priority
  7. Tax Rate % - 0
  8. Apply To - place a "checkmark" in the box you want this tax rate to be applied to
  9. Save 


Applying this Tax Free Rate to you wholesale customer

  1. Make sure your customer has Registered with your site
  2. Go to Orders & Customers > Customers
  3. Search for your customer (Note: you may need to change the "Account Status") to find your customer
  4. Click on your customer
  5. Change User Status to correct Wholesaler Level
  6. Save Changes



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