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How to bulk upload images

Uploading images in bulk will save a lot of time. RevolutionParts makes this simple. To do this follow these steps:

1. Rename the image the same as the part number you want it to match

This can be either in .jpg .png or .gif

2. Create a new folder on your pc (ex: desktop, portable hard drive or flash drive) and name it partimages-storeid

Email our Support team to get your storeid. Once renamed, the folder will be called something like this:


3. Add all images you'd like to bulk upload to the partimages-storeid folder

  • Make sure that your images are name exactly like the part number. For example if your part number is 123456789 your image should be named 123456789.jpg etc.



4. Right click on the folder itself (NOT the images inside the folder) and select "Sent to," "Compressed (zipped) folder"

5. Open a folder on your desktop or "open explorer" located directly right of the Start menu for Windows users.

 (Images may vary from your Windows open explorer depending on your version of Windows.)

Paste this address in the the bar:


6. Drag your zip file with all of your images to this page and drop it in.




4. Right click on the folder itself (NOT the images inside the folder) and select, "Compress # Items."  This will create a new zip file containing the folder with your images.

5. Rename the zip file to partimages-storeid.zip (contact Support to obtain your Store ID).  The file should be named something like this: partimages-c87decba3faca6b0d9249c14de25487b.zip (with your own storeid instead).

6. Open Finder (or click an empty space on your Desktop) and click on "Go" from the Finder menu.  Then, click on "Connect to Server" at the bottom of the list.


7. Enter the following address into the Server Address field, then click, "Connect:"



8. You may be prompted to log in as a "Registered User."  Switch your connection type to, "Guest," and then click, "Connect."

9. You'll be shown the upload folder.  There may be some files already in the folder, but you can ignore them.  Drag and drop your recently compressed "partimages-storeid.zip" file into the folder to upload it to our server.


Done!  Your images will begin uploading automatically, and should be visible on your site within an hour or so of uploading (usually sooner).

Multiple Images for One Part

To upload multiple images to one part or accessory just add a "_1" or "_2". For example, if we had a part number A9629991322 , we'd rename the secondary images A9629991322_1.jpg and A9629991322_2.jpg etc.

Please note that the bulk image loader will not work if the part numbers are not A) exact matches, and B) already present in the catalog.  The bulk image loader can't retroactively link images to parts after they are added; the parts must be in the catalog first in order for the bulk image loader to work properly.

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