How to get to the Shipping Settings page 

  1. First, log into your account on
  2. Click on the "gear" icon on the top-right corner to go to your account settings.
  3. In the left-side menu under "Selling Channels", click on your RevolutionParts store, then click on "Shipping", then select "Settings."

Here's a quick example of what your Shipping Settings page might look like:


Shipping Settings

The Shipping Settings page contains the global shipping settings for your store.  These settings include Handling Fee, per-item Hazmat Surcharge, signature required minimum, and more.  Use these options to configure your store as desired, then click the blue "Save Changes" button on the top-right corner to lock everything in.


Next, you'll need to set up Regions, Zones, and Methods.

  1. In the left-side menu select "Methods"

Here's an example of what your Shipping Methods page might look like.


Shipping Regions and Zones

Shipping method setup is broken down into sections known as "Zones."  Each Zone represents different countries, including the United States, Canada, the "rest of the world," etc.  Within Zones are "Regions," which include the different state/province options available in that Zone.

For example, "United States" is a Zone, and "Nevada" is a Region within that Zone.

Conversely, "Europe" is a Zone, and "United Kingdom" is a Region within that Zone.

To add a new shipping method, you first have to define the desired Zone and Region.

  1. Click the green "Add New Zone" button to add a new zone.
  2. In the popup that follows, select the desired zone, then click, "Add Shipping Zone."


Once the zone is added, you'll see it on the Shipping Setup page.


But, there still aren't any shipping methods. We now need to create a Shipping Region within that Zone, then define the shipping methods for that Region!  To create a new Shipping Region:

  1. Click the "Add New Region" button under the newly created Shipping Zone.
  2. Choose the Shipping Region you'd like to add.  (Choosing "Custom" will allow you to select individual states.  Simply Control+click (Command+click on Mac) to select multiple states.)

Once the Shipping Region is added, you'll see it under the Zone in the "Shipping Regions" column.



Adding Shipping Methods

Once the Zone(s) and Region(s) are configured, it's time to add shipping methods!  To add a new method;

  1. Click on the "Add Method" button.
  2. Select the method type.

There are four types of shipping methods you can add;

Carrier Calculated

This method type allows you to select from a list of common shipping methods offered by FedEx, UPS, and USPS.  Choose the desired method (the "speed" should update automatically when you select the method).  In the "Method Criteria," you can choose the weight range for which you want this method to apply, whether or not this method allows hazmat shipments, and whether or not this method requires a minimum order subtotal.  You can then add a fee on top of the Live Rates calculated by the carrier before saving the method.

For example, if UPS Ground quotes $10 to ship a package, and you add a 15% fee, the buyer would see $11.50 to ship via UPS Ground ($10 + 15%).

Fixed or Flat

This method type allows you to fix the shipping price of an order based on a flat rate, the order subtotal, or the order weight.  First, set the shipping "speed," enter the weight range the method will apply to, then choose the calculation method.  When you've configured the method to preference, click the "Add Method" button.

Local Pickup

This method type allows your buyers to pick up their order in-store.  The only options available for Local Pickup is an order subtotal and a fixed pickup price (designated as "Fee Amount").  When you've configured the method to preference, click the "Add Method" button.

Freight (Oversized items over 150lbs)

This method only appears on orders/items that qualify as "oversized," which are oversized items weighing 150lbs or more.  You can choose to base the method on "Fixed" (for which you can set a base price and an additional fee per item), or "Based on Weight" (for which you can set a base price and an additional fee per pound).  When you've configured the method to preference, click the "Add Method" button.


When you're done adding Shipping Regions and methods, your shipping setup might look something like this:


And once you're done adding different Zones and configuring those Regions and methods, your final setup might look something like this:


(Note that you don't need to click the "Save Changes" button on the top-right when adding new Zones, Regions, or Methods.  Those automatically save when added, and the button at the top is for the general Shipping Settings at the top of the page.)

Dimension restrictions for each carrier are listed below:

United States Postal Service:




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