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How to set up discounts and promotions

Setting up a discount or promotion for your website is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to get your promos up and running.

  1. In the admin search bar enter “Promo” OR select Cart Settings > Payment, Shipping & Discounts > Promotions
  2. Click + New PromotionScreen_Shot_2017-02-28_at_10.10.40_AM.png
  3. Create your “Campaign Name”Screen_Shot_2017-02-28_at_10.15.49_AM.png
  4. Create a “’Promo Code” (eg. 10%OFF99)
  5. Choose if your promo will be single use
    • Single Use – Promo code can only be used once per customer email
    • Not Single Use – Promo code can be used multiple times on different orders
  6. Type of promotion
    • Global – Promo is used on order total
    • Product – Promo is only used on custom products and custom categories. If you choose the product promo you will have to enter a custom category or custom product to apply code (see screenshot below).
    • Shipping-based – Promo is only used on shippingScreen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_1.21.29_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2017-02-28_at_11.45.00_AM.png
  7. Select start/stop dates and times for your promo
  8. Select the location you wish your promo to air Screen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_12.24.34_PM.png
  9. Choose your discount amount (USD / %)
    • If you choose percentage you can set a “Maximum discount amount for this code”
  10. Choose the “Minimum order subtotal for this code”
  11. Don’t forget to save your Promo or Discount
  12. You’re done!Screen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_12.36.46_PM.png
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