In this tutorial, we'll cover how to feature parts on the homepage via the Featured Product section of your Web Store. This can be useful to promote popular parts and brighten up the homepage. We recommend changing your featured parts periodically to show visitors and search engines fresh content. It can also give a subtle boost in organic ranking to those products because of how accessible that page is for Google crawlers, which tend to visit your homepage at a higher frequency.
To configure your Featured Products,
  1. Click the gear in the top-right corner to access your Account Settings.

  2. Under "Store Settings" in the left-side menu, click to expand your Web Store.

  3. Select "Marketing," then "Featured Products"

  4. Click the green "+ Add Featured Products" buttonScreen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_8.32.24_AM.png

  5. Enter the part numbers you want featured on your homepage. You can separate multiple part numbers with a comma.

  6. Click the blue "Add Featured Products" button to add them to the list.

That's it! You'll now see a list of all of your featured products. To remove a product from the list, click the "x" to the far right of the product. This won't remove it from the catalog or mark it Not For Sale; it'll simply remove it from the Featured Products section on your homepage.

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