What is Fraud Service?

Fraud Service is an informative tool that helps you gauge risk involved with orders before processing them. This provides a numerical risk assessment and the fraud details identify areas of concern based on the criteria examined.


How does Fraud Service benefit my business?

Every placed order will now be assigned a Risk Level of Low, Medium, or High, and will have a fraud score and accompanying details. This feature is another tool to help you decide whether an order may be fraudulent and reduce losses due to chargeback claims.

Does this new feature complicate the checkout experience for customers?

Not at all. The fraud check is done right after the payment is processed and the score and details will be available in the order within 20 minutes after the order is placed.

Where do I see the score?

You can see risk assessments within the orders details page. Click on "View Details" to the right of the risk assessment for details on how the score was calculated as shown in the screenshot below:



Does Fraud Service guarantee against fraudulent transactions?

Unfortunately not. Although Fraud Service is a powerful tool, we cannot guarantee the validity of this score. The analysis is just a lens to help highlight information. The decision to process and ship an order is ultimately yours. To help explain the how each risk assessment was calculated each
score provides a detailed explanation on the order details page.

Reporting Fraudulent Orders

If you encounter a chargeback, please use the “Report fraud” button to report this back to us. We will submit the details of any reported fraud to our master database and can then use this information to improve the system and produce more intelligent assessments in the future.



For more information please see our full Fraud Score terms and conditions.

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