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Setting your catalog pricing rules

Setting your Catalog Pricing

Defining your pricing is one of the most important tasks of running your online store. In this tutorial you'll learn how to set and adjust your catalog pricing rules.

Where to Go:

  1. Products & Categories
  2. OEM Features
  3. OEM Catalogs (or use the helpful link on the bottom of your Dashboard)


Common Price Rules:

You are able to set your pricing based on the following:

  1. List minus percentage (list - %)
  2. Cost plus percentage (cost + %)
  3. List minus percentage with a floor of Cost plus percentage (list - % | cost + % minimum)

Price Table

You can set the minimum (Min Price) and maximum (Max Price) range to which that price will apply. If you choose, you can set Max Price to “No Limit” which will apply the price rule to all parts regardless of price.


Should your catalog include accessories, the dropdown will allow you the option to isolate pricing rules for accessories apart from parts. “All” will define all parts and accessories within the catalog.


You can click the “+” button to create a new price rule. New rules are helpful for creating a separate price rule for accessories, or if you wanted to set pricing for parts that exceed a certain dollar threshold.

 Example of Rules in Action

Here is are visual examples of the different rules in action.

Example 1:

Part AB-897613414

List - $100

Cost - $65

List – 25%

Sales Price = $75

Cost + 15%

Sales Price = $74.5


Example 2:

Part AB-897613414

List - $100

Cost - $65

Part CD-126534789

List - $600

Cost - $525

List – 25% with a floor of Cost + 15%

Part AB-897613414 Sales Price = $75

Part CD-126534789 Sales Price = $603.75

With part AB our List – 25% was still above cost, however on part CD this would actually put us at $450 which is below our cost of $525. Because of this, our floor of Cost + 15% takes precedence leaving us with a price of $603.75.

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