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How to set up PayPal

This article will cover how to set up Paypal Payments Pro and Paypal Express Checkout

How to Set up PayPal Payments Pro 

This is payment option allows you to process credit card payments directly on your site.  To add PayPal Payments Pro, follow these steps:

#1: Navigate to www.paypal.com/api and log in to your PayPal account.


#2: On the screen that follows, click the Request API Credentials link.

Note: If you’ve already generated a set of API credentials, you’ll have to delete your existing set before you can generate a new set of credentials. In this case, you’ll see a View API Signature (or Certificate) link where the Request API credentials link is. Click the View API Signature link, and on the page that appears, click the Remove button to delete the existing signature.


#3: Select Request API Signature, and click Agree and Submit to generate the API Signature.  If necessary, click "View Signature" to see your aPI credentials.

The figure below shows this page with an example set of Signature credentials.

#4: In a new tab or page, navigate to the Payment Methods section of the RevolutionParts Control Panel.

The Payment Methods section can be found under Cart Settings > Payments, Shipping & Discounts > Payment Methods.  There, click on the drop-down menu that says, "Please choose your payment solution..." and select PayPal Payments Pro.  Click "Activate."


#5: Copy and paste the API credentials from PayPal into your RevolutionParts Control Panel

TIP: On this step we recommend using the following keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste your API Credentials. The API Signature in step 6 has more characters than what appears in the field so this method is best.

Select All – Ctrl + A

Copy – Ctrl + C

Paste – Ctrl + V

#12 Click "Save and Activate"

Refunding Payments

If you're NOT using PayPal Payments Pro for your credit card processor, it is recommended that you add your API credentials (similar to Pro) for PayPal Express Checkout. This will allow you to refund payments directly from the order page within the RevolutionParts admin panel opposed to having to go to PayPal. If you ARE using PayPal Payments Pro, there's no need to enter credentials for Express Checkout, since it will use your Pro credentials.  To do this follow the first to steps in your Pro setup and continue with these steps:

  1. Click “Manage Payment Options”
  2. Select “PayPal Express Checkout”
  3. Click “Additional Settings”
  4. Click to retrieve API credentials
  5. Save changes



How to Set Up PayPal Express Checkout

 #1 Login to RevolutionParts and click the Helpful Tool for "Payments"

#2 Click the drop-down, "Please choose your payment solution..." and select "PayPal Express Checkout," then click, "Activate"

#3 Enter the email address associated with the PayPal account you wish to use, then click, "Save & Activate"

#4 Refresh the Payment Methods page and click the "Manage Payment Options" tab, then click on "PayPal Express Checkout"


#5 Click on the "Additional Settings" tab

#6 In a new window/tab, log in to www.paypal.com/api and follow steps 2 and 3 from the PayPal Payments Pro instructions above to retrieve your API credentials

#7 Paste your API credentials into the corresponding fields 

#7 Scroll down the page and "Save" changes.


Setting Payment Priority

Setting your priority will allow set the priority of the payment methods for customers. As a rule of thumb, you want to set PayPal Pro to “1” which will elect credit card payment as the default payment method and PayPal Express checkout as “2” to make a secondary option.

That's it!  If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact RevolutionParts Support by calling 480-779-7278 or emailing us at support@revolutionparts.com.

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