Setting up ShipWorks   

RevolutionParts now offers integration with ShipWorks, a 3rd party integration software that makes it easy for you to download orders, print shipping labels, and update the status of orders in real-time.

Benefits of ShipWorks:

  • Multi-channel management with 40+ platforms including Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and more
  • Ship orders with FedEx, UPS, USPS, Endicia, and more
  • Batch print shipping labels, invoices, and packing slips
  • Save your shipping department time
  • Simple to setup

Direct integration with RevolutionParts 
Setting up ShipWorks is simple. No need to set up anything complicated, simply download the ShipWorks and begin processing and shipping orders right away!

Ship faster with integrated shipping tools 
With the most complete shipping integrations available, your shipments get done faster so you can focus your time on other aspects of your business.

Save time and enhance your customer service 
ShipWorks includes support for viewing rates and transit times and printing live shipping labels directly within the ShipWorks interface. With direct integrations to FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Endicia, ShipWorks is your one-stop solution for printing shipping labels.

Reduce costs by simplifying order processing 
Save your shipping department hours per day in real-world order fulfillment tasks. From the moment you begin using ShipWorks, you will notice an intuitive interface that reduces order management to point and click.

Work smarter with tools designed to make your life easier 
ShipWorks offers unparalleled support for your computer peripherals. ShipWorks supports all standard inkjet and laser printers, as well as Zebra thermal printers. ShipWorks allows you to specify which printer and tray each print job should go to, greatly simplifying your printing process. And with zero-configuration support for most scales, weighing your packages is always fast and accurate.

Getting started

1. Once you have created and paid for your ShipWorks software (or alternatively signed up for a Free Trial), download the provided installation software and run it. This process may take several minutes and you will be prompted to the following choices:

2. Run the software

3. Create  a user name, input your email address and create a password

4. For Online Store select "RevolutionParts" 


5. Login to your RevolutionParts Store and navigate to shipping 

6. Click on the Shipping Manager Tab. Select Activate ShipWorks and select the status you'd like to import. We recommend selecting "Ready to Ship".  The reason we recommend this is so that you can verify that you have been paid and check for fraudulent orders. Save changes.

7. Input the RevolutionParts username, password, and module URL into ShipWorks. You will find these in the Shipping Manager tab within the admin panel. 

8. Input your store name and company address

9. Input your company contact information

10. Leave checked "When a shipment is processed" 

11. Click Finish and fireup ShipWorks


Your first ShipWorks session

When the Add Store Wizard completes, you’ll be transported into the wonderful world of ShipWorks.
Wondering what to do first?

Go ahead and click that big, green “Download” button ( ). 

This brings your order history into ShipWorks. The first time you download orders, it might take a bit of time—it’s only because ShipWorks is busy downloading a lot of orders. (Future downloads won’t be as long.)

Something to note: When ShipWorks downloads previous orders, it may include those that have already been shipped (from before you started using ShipWorks). It will include all orders on one screen until you adjust your “Shipped” and “Not Shipped” filters to work with your online marketplace(s).

We’ve a guide to help walk you through this. However, if you feel stuck, feel free to call us, so we can “sort” this out for you. 

Setup up shipping carriers

Now that you have your online marketplace configured, you need to connect to your shipping provider (like FedEx, UPS, and USPS).

Click on the Manage > Shipping Settings > Select Your Shipping Provider. Click the “Setup” button.
This will prompt…you guessed it, another wizard. Welcome to the Shipping Setup Wizard.

There are two parts to the Shipping Setup Wizard:

1. The first part requires you to enter your shipping account information. Connecting to your account lets ShipWorks retrieve rates, download shipping labels, get tracking numbers, and so on.

2. The second part concerns your printing setup. This part is a bit more complicated. Just follow along and enter the information when the Wizard asks for it.

Just in case you need additional guidance on setting up your printer or thermal printer, follow the getting started guide starting starting on page 15 found below. 

Need help ramping up on the ShipWorks? The Welcome to Filters guide is an excellent guide to help first-time users. 

Have further questions? Feel free to contact us at 

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