Dealerships shipping UPS packages through RevolutionParts now have the ability to file a claim through the RP platform. As part of RP’s agreement with our new rate provider, they will handle the claims process on the dealer’s behalf, freeing our users from the back and forth with UPS over a claim. To create a UPS claim, you’ll need to follow these steps.


Please note: This function is only available on UPS packages shipped through RP UPS that do not have shipping protection applied. When Extend Shipping Protection is applied to a shipment, they will continue to handle the claim process with the carrier.


When you have a UPS shipment and need to file a claim, follow the steps below:


  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click Orders” on the top navigation bar and navigate to “Completed.”


  1. Select the order you wish to create a claim for.


  1. Click the “File a Claim” button in the shipment details.

  1. Once clicked, a new screen will load and prompt you to provide the required information. Your information as the logged-in user will auto-fill as the default. You will need to provide the date the damage was discovered.


Once you click “Next,” the following screen will display receiver information. This will auto-fill with the buyer’s information from the order. 



  1. On the “Shipment Details” page, you’ll need to provide information about the claim. Note these are required fields to file the claim.


Note - a “Tracking Number” is required if a replacement has already been sent to the buyer.


You will also need to provide a description of the product, damage, and packaging to complete the claim process.

  1. With all damage information loaded, you’ll see a final confirmation screen that will submit the claim for review.


  1. Once submitted, you’ll see in the history log at the bottom of the order page that a claim has been sent. You will have the ability to submit another claim on the order if needed.



Q: How will I receive updates on my UPS claim?


A: Our new UPS provider will follow up with you using the information provided in the claim if any additional details are needed.


Q: What is the typical time frame for a claim to be resolved?


A: Most claims will take 6-8 weeks to process with UPS.


Q: How will I be reimbursed for a claim?


A: Paid claims will be applied as a credit towards UPS Shipping Labels line item charge on your invoice.

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