August 2023 Release Notes


Driven by our commitment to provide you with the best experience possible, we’re excited to share the enhancements and updates we've made in August. These changes are designed to streamline your workflow and provide greater clarity on various features.



Email Deliverability Improvements

  • Spam Filter Enhancement: We've refined our systems to ensure your important emails efficiently reach the designated message center.
  • iOS Mail Compatibility: We've resolved an issue ensuring that replies from our message center are now fully compatible with the iOS Mail app on iPhones.


Quoting Tool Enhancements

  • Channel Selection: When building a quote, users can now select the most appropriate channel, ensuring all related settings and parameters are adjusted accordingly for accuracy.
  • Inventory Transparency: To keep you well-informed, we’ve introduced a feature displaying the 'Last Updated' date for inventory on the listings page.


Inventory Updates

  • Dealer Inventory Integration: We've made it easier to access and manage dealer inventory specifically for Canadian Mopar dealers.
  • PDC Inventory: We added PDC inventory for specifically Canadian Mopar dealers.
  • Enhanced Filtering: For improved inventory oversight, we've introduced the “On Backorder” and “Call for Availability” filters on our Products page.


Shipping Management Advancements

  • RP UPS Rollout: We've launched RP UPS for select customers, offering a revamped Shipping Carriers page. This enhancement allows for easier management of multiple shipping credentials.
  • Hazardous Material Shipping: Safety first! We've updated our shipping requirements in compliance with USPS's guidelines. Now, you must include a Hazmat Code when shipping hazardous materials. Learn more about the USPS Hazmat Classes here

Impact and Benefits

  • Streamlined Email Communication: Improved spam filters and iOS compatibility mean you can trust our platform for reliable email interactions.

  • Enhanced Quoting Process: Our Quoting Tool’s new features aim to optimize your workflow, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

  • Efficient Inventory Management: With the new inventory features, especially for Canadian Mopar dealers, you'll find it easier to manage, view, and control your stock.

  • Safe and Compliant Shipping: With our shipping updates, we ensure that your shipments are not only efficient but also compliant with the latest safety guidelines.


Your feedback drives our improvements. Thank you for helping us shape a better platform. We're eager to hear any further suggestions or comments you might have.

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