July 2023 Release Notes


In our ongoing effort to offer transparent communications and serve you effectively, we’re introducing a monthly cadence for our release notes. Here, you'll find detailed information on the latest updates, changes, and improvements made to our platform.

This month, our primary focus has been on enhancing the user experience, especially regarding our integration with third-party marketplaces and platform usability.



eBay Order Numbers Alignment

Previously, eBay orders in RP were identified using the eBay Sales Record ID. We've revamped this to now reflect the Order ID value in eBay. This change ensures a more reliable tracking mechanism and addresses the issues of missing order numbers.

Enhanced Superstore Experience

For Superstores, such as the Mopar National eStore, users will find a new link in the "select a dealer" modal that allows for the clearing of their current dealer selection, enhancing their shopping flow.

Improved Activity Log for 3rd Party Marketplaces

The activity logs related to third-party marketplace listing updates have seen significant enhancements. They now provide clearer details about the sales price and inventory per warehouse.

Impact and Benefits

  • Improved Order Accuracy: With the change to eBay Order Numbers, users can expect a more streamlined and accurate order tracking system.
  • Enhanced Shopping Flow: The Superstore update enables shoppers to reset their dealer choices effortlessly, optimizing their shopping experience.
  • Transparency in Data Transmissions: The enhanced activity logs ensure users have a clearer understanding of data shared from RP to third-party marketplaces.
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