UPS SurePost


With the introduction of our RevolutionParts UPS rates, you will encounter two RP UPS options when fulfilling a shipment: 

  1. UPS Ground – This standard economy shipping service delivers in 1-5 business days.
  2. UPS Ground Under 1Lb – This economy ground service, also known as UPS SurePost®, relies on USPS for the final leg of delivery and is designed for small, lightweight packages.

Learn more about UPS SurePost—including how to distinguish between UPS rates—in this short explainer video or continue reading below




What is UPS SurePost? 
UPS SurePost—labeled as RP UPS Ground Under 1Lb in RevolutionParts—is a service tailored for optimal savings on shipments under one pound. Because UPS SurePost uses USPS for the final leg of delivery, you’ll save some extra cash on shipping!


How do I distinguish between UPS rates in the RP Platform? 
The "RP UPS Ground Under 1Lb" option signifies the UPS SurePost rate, while further down, other "RP UPS" rates represent those offered by RevolutionParts. In contrast, rates labeled "Your UPS" derive from your dealership's UPS credentials.


How can I offer competitive, low-cost shipping with SurePost? 

If you aim to offer competitive, low-cost shipping, you can enable SurePost. First, log into RevolutionParts.

  1. Access Settings by clicking the Gear icon.
  2. Click "Shipping" under your desired Selling Channel in the lefthand menu.
  3. Click "Methods." When selecting a new method, choose "carrier calculated" followed by "UPS SurePost." Given the competitive nature of these rates, particularly for shipments under one pound, it's important to apply an appropriate markup to ensure profitability.


What else do I need to know?

You do not have to have UPS SurePost set up in your shipping methods to see SurePost during fulfillment. We generally advise that you retain your existing shipping methods set up to maximize profit. 


Learn more about UPS Shipping with RevolutionParts here








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