Since our last release, we've been working diligently to improve our platform and enhance your experience as a user. In this latest release, we've introduced new features and improvements, such as sorting shipping options in Order Fulfillment, enabling Marketing users to manage marketplace listings, and allowing users to specify additional processing time for in-stock items. Read on to learn more about these enhancements and other improvements that have been implemented.

Product Enhancements

NEW In-Stock Lead Time for Warehouses

Users are now able to specify additional processing time for in-stock items, providing customers with accurate expectations for their shipment's preparation and delivery.

The eBay General Settings have also been updated to include additional lead time, which will be added to the in-stock lead time at the warehouse level.

This enhancement is particularly important for sellers who require extra time to prepare in-stock shipments, as failing to do so may lead to refund requests and cancellations, resulting in a poor customer experience.

Learn how to configure messaging for stock here.

Tag and List Obsolete Parts with the Obsolescence Tool

Quickly identify, tag, and configure custom pricing for aging inventory with our new Obsolescence Tool. Then, instantly list those parts across multiple selling channels—like eBay—to reach niche buyers, turning overhead into profit and freeing up space on your shelves.

Learn how to use the Obsolescence Tool here.

Easily Search for Canned Messages

In an effort to improve user productivity, we made a recent change to the canned messages dropdown in all instances where you can send a templated message to your customers. Now, you can easily search for the canned message you would like to send to a customer.


Marketing Users May Now Manage Marketplace Listings

We have expanded the Marketing Role in RevolutionParts to include the ability to edit and save product details. This allows Marketing users to customize and optimize marketplace listings (such as eBay) without requiring full Supervisor access.

Marketing users can now view and edit product details at both the account and channel levels, including third-party marketplaces. Updates made at the channel level will be reflected in corresponding channels, and users can easily access Listings from the Products page.

Learn how to create and update users (including Roles) here


Sort Shipping Options in Order Fulfillment

When generating a shipping label in Order Fulfillment, you can now sort shipping options by preference to quickly and easily identify the best choice for your customer. The new dropdown includes the following sorting options:

Option 1: Recommended (Default)

Option 2: Delivery Date (Sort from earliest to latest delivery date)

Option 3: Price (Sort by cheapest to most expensive option)


Improvements to Shipments and Shipping Protection on the Order Page

You may notice some changes to the shipments on your completed orders! We’ve made some improvements to easily call out the tracking details for each package, along with the package dimensions for each package included in the shipment.

Additionally, if you chose to purchase insurance through the shipping carrier, you will now see that called out on the shipment.

For our US customers that have activated Shipping Protection with Extend, we’ve added the Extend Contract ID to the shipment. Extend sends an email to your buyers with the Contract ID, however, you will now have that available to you in case a buyer reaches out to you before filing a claim with Extend.

Lastly, if you either fulfill an Amazon order in Amazon Seller Central or decline shipping protection for an order, then you will see a new “Not Protected by Extend” label.


New Default Checkout Country Selection for Canadian Dealers Shipping Internationally

Previously, our system defaulted to "United States" as the country selection in Checkout for all stores that ship internationally, thus leading to a poor experience for dealers with Web Stores who have more Canadian customers. Canadian dealers shipping internationally can now enjoy an improved experience as "Canada" will be the default selection in Checkout, replacing the previous default of "United States".


Resolved Issues

  • An issue that prevented changes to the SEO settings on a web store from being saved has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused a small percentage of 3rd Party Marketplace listings to get mismatched between RevolutionParts and the marketplace and thus not properly recieve pricing updates was resolved.
  • An issue that prevented shipping protection contracts from being purchased between April 12 to April 18 has been resolved. RevolutionParts ran a recovery process for the affected orders to ensure a contract is available to buyers.
  • An issue that prevented users from accessing the Bulk Imports and Bulk Exports pages in the RP Platform has been resolved.
  • An issue that was preventing the successful regeneration of Google Shopping feeds for some customers was resolved
  • A bug that caused issues with channel-level overrides for Product Availability has been fixed.
  • An issue that allowed PayPal and Venmo customers to checkout without accepting terms and conditions in Checkout has been fixed.
  • An issue that prevented shipments from syncing between the RP system and third-party integrations has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused eBay orders eBay orders to appear as a "null" and open a blank page has been resolved.
  • Some dealers reported that MSRP and Cost amounts did not match what was expected. The pricing issue was resolved in April.
  • A bug that prevented French users from canceling users has been resolved.
  • A bug that prevented users from completing an order in the RP Platform when a Purolator label was selected has been fixed.
  • We discovered that our superstores were using IP location instead of browser location to detect the customer's location. We've since updated this to use the browser location when accessible and IP location is only used as a fallback.
  • A recent update prevented users from adding new carrier accounts since the necessary fields were missing. This issue has now been resolved.
  • A bug caused duplicate payment transactions to appear on orders, which created confusion for the affected accounts. This issue has now been resolved and the affected orders were updated accordingly.
  • Update: The integration has been fully deprecated in the RP Platform.
  • A bug that prevented shipping protection contracts from being purchased due to a USPS flat rate box selection has been fixed.
  • For customers using consumer-friendly categories on their Webstore, they are able to search and browse categories as expected
  • An issue that caused shipping protection contracts to not be purchased for some quotes that were processed as orders has been resolved.
  • A bug that prevented Local Pickup and Local Delivery from populating in checkout has been fixed.
  • Our system was passing a soft descriptor to PayPal, which caused confusion for buyers since they did not recognize the charges on their statements. We stopped sending the soft descriptor so that PayPal could determine what information to send to the buyer.
  • A bug that prevented customers from accessing USPS quotes after activating the integration has been fixed.

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