Vintage Parts Partnership Instructions – How to Display, Sell, and Route Discontinued Parts

We've partnered with Vintage Parts, Inc., to provide a new, low-touch revenue stream for Ford, GM, Honda, Mopar, and Mercedes-Benz dealers. This partnership allows eligible dealers to display, sell, and route discontinued parts from the Vintage Parts warehouse to their customers.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Price Rule Setup – We'll assist you in setting up a price rule for Vintage Parts on your selling channels. Our recommendation is cost + 30% but you can change this rule as you wish. To do so, go to your website selling channel pricing settings -> click on the VINTAGE price rule, and edit it there. Don't forget to save changes.

  2. Inventory Listing – We'll list the Vintage Parts inventory across your channels.

  3. Order Routing – Once you receive a "VINTAGE" tagged order, simply route it to the Vintage Parts Warehouse from within your RevolutionParts account. Look for a blue hyperlink that says "ROUTE ORDER" on the Order Page.

  4. Order Fulfillment – Vintage Parts takes care of shipping – free to you or a $12.50 flat rate to your customer. If the shipping is LTE (Freight), Vintage will call you for approval before shipping.

  5. Order Cancellation – If Vintage Parts cancels an order, you will be notified. The order status will become "Cancellation Requested", and you'll need to approve or reject it.

By integrating the Vintage Parts catalog, you can easily increase traffic and sales on your selling channels with no additional fees.



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