Our team has been working on some exciting new features that we’re looking forward to sharing with you! As part of the recent releases, we’ve begun standardizing our dropdowns so that they are all alphabetical, as well as making payment failure messages more visible under the Payments section on an order. Along with these product enhancements, we’ve also resolved several issues in the RP Platform, web store, plugin, and marketplaces.

Product Enhancements

Shipping Protection is Now Available in the U.S.

Filing claims for lost, stolen, or damaged products is a pain—but it doesn’t have to be.


That’s why we’re excited to introduce RevolutionParts Shipping Protection, a new way to secure your shipments from theft, loss, and damage at no additional cost to you.


With Shipping Protection, you can:

  • Protect your outbound parts, as well as your profit margins by automatically insuring your packages.
  • Avoid the hassle of dealing with shipping carrier claims.
  • Give your customers peace of mind with a simple claims process.


To get started with Shipping Protection, go to Settings > Shipping > Protection to view our offerings and enable one of our new automated shipping protection features.


If you would like to learn more about this feature, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Changes to Sort Order for Canned Messages

As part of an effort to make our system more standardized, we updated the Canned Message dropdown across different parts of the RP Platform so that messages are sorted alphabetically.


If you need to make any adjustments to the order of your messages, we recommend adding numbers to the beginning of the canned message name (Example: 01 Provide VIN, 02 Unavailable/Discontinued Order, etc.).

Failed Payment Message Displayed on Order Page

We recently made a change to the Payment section on the Order page that highlights any recent payment failures at the top of the Payment section. You can easily see the reason for the payment failure in the new banner.


To learn more about payment gateway error messages, please check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Update to Header Navigation: ‘Invoices’ is Now Available for Easy Access

A few changes have been made to the header navigation for certain user roles to make it easier for them to access the ‘Invoices’ page in the RP Platform.


Billing/Finance users: A link to ‘Invoices’ can easily be accessed from the top navigation bar, as well as through the dropdown user menu.



Supervisor/Account Owner users: A link to ‘Invoices’ can be accessed through the dropdown user menu. 


Resolved Issues

February 2023

  • A payments issue that caused duplicate sale transactions to appear on orders for a small number of dealers has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the incorrect Ship By date to appear on orders has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented sellers from sending emails to eBay customers from the Order page has been resolved
  • An issue that prevented the stock messaging to not be displayed on superstores has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented users from editing product categories on selling channels has been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented users from creating an FTP feed for inventory uploads has been resolved
  • An issue that prevented eBay orders from being completed or canceled has been resolved.
  • A bug that caused part information to not be displayed when adding a new part to an existing order has been fixed.
  • An issue related to Walmart orders containing discontinued or out of stock parts has been resolved
  • A bug that caused bulk uploads to be stuck has been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented users from adding parts to a bundle has been fixed.
  • Issues that prevented products from being searchable have now been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented the Pricing & Shipping bulk import from processing has been fixed.
  • An issue caused marketplace listings for valid products to be flagged as "Missing Product" has been fixed.

January 2023

  • An issue that caused new orders to appear blank for some dealers has been resolved.
  • A bug that prevented plugin stores from loading has been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented users from using the Quoting tool has been resolved.
  • A bug that caused Canadian customers attempting to checkout via PayPal to be redirected to the Cart page has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented users from editing Product details in the RP Platform has been resolved.
  • A bug that prevented Pricing & Shipping changes from taking effect has been resolved.
  • An email deliverability issue that caused emails to be flagged as spam has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the Billing & Payments task in onboarding to remain open has been fixed.


(Released) Will be included in 3/15/23 release notes:

NEW! Set your In Stock Lead Time for a Warehouse

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to set the ‘In Stock Lead Time’ on your Warehouse settings page. This will help you communicate the appropriate processing times to your customers for both in-stock and out-of-stock items.


By default, your ‘In Stock Lead Time’ will be set to ‘0 Business Days’. If you’d like to make adjustments, then follow the steps below:


1. You can access the new feature via Settings > Inventory > Warehouses


Select a warehouse, then you will find the ‘In Stock Lead Time’ under the Shipping section. The ‘In Stock Lead Time’ will default to ‘0 Business Days’ until you set your desired lead time.



2. Review Inventory Messaging by channel


Now that you have set the ‘In Stock Lead Time’, it is important for you to also review the inventory messaging for In Stock items to make sure the messaging is consistent with your ‘In Stock Lead Time’ setting.


To access this setting, select your web store or plugin selling channel, then click on Inventory.



Ensure that ‘Inventory Control Enabled’ is set to ‘Yes’ and make any desired adjustments to the default In Stock Messaging for your store.


3. Review your eBay Lead Time


If you are selling on eBay, please note that the Lead Time will be treated as an additional lead time for in stock items. This means that if you set your ‘In Stock Lead Time’ for a warehouse to ‘2 Business Days’ and your ‘Additional Lead Time for In Stock Items’ for eBay is set to ‘1 Business Day’, then your eBay lead time will be calculated as 3 business days.


If you do not need an additional lead time for this selling channel, then you may need to adjust the setting on your eBay General settings.


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