In this article, you will learn how to configure your in stock and out of stock messaging.

Follow the following steps:
1. You can access it via Settings > Inventory > Warehouse > selecting a warehouse
Both In Stock and Out of Stock message setting are found on the same page. They are located under the Shipping section.
In Stock defaults to 0 Business Days
Out of Stock defaults to 1 Business Days
2) Change the Inventory Messaging message by channel
Now that you have set the In Stock Load Time, it is important to change the inventory messaging for In and Out of Stock items by channel to make sure it is consistent with your Stock Lead Time settings. 
To access this select a channel (Webstore, Ebay, etc) and click on Settings > Select the Selling Channel you want to configure > Inventory

In-Stock Messaging:

Select what you want your customers to see before and after the cutoff time.

Out of Stock messaging:

Choose a message your customers will see when the part is marked out of stock. Also, make sure you select Items Out of Stock (which have previously had inventory in the system) and No Inventory (QOH= N/A ( items who have never received an inventory update in the system)



Note: Only selecting Out of Stock (QOH = 0) items means only items your DMS or manual uploads have updated will have the Out of Stock messaging. If you'd like all parts that you do not have in stock to reflect the message you chose, make sure you select "and No Inventory (QOH = N/A)" as well.

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