Shipping issues are inevitable.
Don’t let them impact your brand or margins.

You can’t prevent shipping problems, which is why we’ve partnered with Extend to bring you Shipping Protection. With Shipping Protection, you can:

  1. Reduce costs. Our Shipping Protection partner, Extend, takes on all costs and risks related to replacing parts for customers every time a claim is approved.
  2. Protect your brand. Eliminate the risk of carrier issues negatively impacting customer relationships and loyalty.
  3. Improve your customer experience. Extend’s chatbot, Kaley, automates claim intake and processes 98% of claims in 90 seconds or less.

Additionally, there is no subscription fee associated with this Shipping Protection feature. The cost to secure your shipments from loss, theft, and damage can be passed through to the end buyer, so you can offer an improved customer experience without any cost to you.

How is Shipping Protection applied to your orders?

Collecting Shipping Protection Fees on Placed Orders

All domestic shipments are eligible for protection from loss, theft, or damage. Shipping Protection covers USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipments that are shipped within the United States and Puerto Rico.

If you offer carrier-calculated rates on a RevolutionParts selling channel, the system will include a markup of 1.6% of the order subtotal to cover the cost of shipping protection. Your customer will take on this cost, which will help secure all packages on eligible orders.

However, the shipping protection markup cannot be added to marketplace orders, free shipping, or fixed/flat shipping rates*. This also excludes freight shipping, local pickup, and local delivery.

If a customer selects a shipping method through one of the supported shipping carriers, the “Shipping protection with Extend” protection will automatically be selected when you fulfill an order.

*If you are selling on a marketplace or offering fixed/flat or free shipping, you will need to review your pricing rules to account for the 1.6% markup required to cover the cost of a shipping protection contract with Extend. Please note that there is a $0.98 base shipping protection fee, so items priced below $60 may require a higher markup than 1.6%-2%.

Protecting Your Packages on Eligible Orders

Once a shipment is created for an order, RevolutionParts will purchase Shipping Protection from Extend. Your customers will receive an email from Extend with all the necessary information to file a claim if their packages are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Note for Amazon Sellers:

If you complete the order through your Amazon Seller account, it cannot be protected by Extend. RevolutionParts does not receive tracking information through our Amazon integration, so we do not have the necessary information to purchase a shipping protection contract.

If an Amazon order is fulfilled through the RP Platform or a third-party shipping solution, it can be protected by Extend since RevolutionParts has access to the tracking information.

How to Enable Shipping Protection with Extend

First, enable automatic billing on your account if you haven’t done so already.

Next, follow these steps to automatically insure your packages through shipping carriers:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar to access your Settings.
  3. Click "Shipping" on the left-hand navigation bar > click “Protection.”
  4. By default, all automated shipping protection options will be turned off. If you want to turn on this setting, select “Enable” on the “Shipping Protection with Extend” card.
  5. By default, the option to include shipping protection in shipping quotes at checkout will automatically be selected. This will add the markup of 1.6% of the order subtotal for the shipping protection fee to the shipping fee for all eligible U.S. orders. Once you’ve confirmed this setting is properly configured, select “Enable this option.”
  6. The last step for enabling Shipping Protection with Extend is to review the program terms. Once you’ve finished reading the Shipping Protection Program Terms, you can “Agree” to the program terms.
  7. Once you’ve agreed to the program terms, all future eligible orders will be secured through Shipping Protection with Extend.

Note: Please be aware that there are some configurations where coverage for shipping protection cannot be added to the shipping fee:

  1. If you are offering free, fixed, or flat-rate shipping.
  2. If you are selling parts on a marketplace, please review your pricing to ensure it covers the cost of shipping protection.

What to Expect Once Shipping Protection is Enabled

Once you’ve turned on the feature, the 1.6% markup will be added to carrier-calculated shipping methods in checkout on your RevolutionParts stores. All eligible orders placed after the feature was enabled will be protected by Extend once a shipment has been created.

On the Order page, you’ll see a “Protected by Extend” tag when an order is eligible for shipping protection. Additionally, when the shipping protection fee has been collected on an order, then you will see a Shipping Protection line item on the Order page in the RP Platform.


You’ll also notice two changes during the fulfillment process for orders over the minimum order amount. The first change is that “Shipping protection with Extend” will automatically be selected as the protection type for the shipment. The second change is that “Package is protected by Extend” will be visible in the summary card when shipping protection is included in the collected shipping amount.


Please note that even though "Shipping protection with Extend" is automatically selected in Order Fulfillment, you can still choose to remove protection by selecting "No shipping protection" as the protection type for the shipment. If you choose to decline coverage from "Shipping Protection with Extend", then a confirmation modal will pop up when you select "Ship & Complete" to confirm your shipping protection selection. If you confirm that you want to remove shipping protection, then this will be added to your activity log on the order.

How to Disable Shipping Protection with Extend

If you want to turn off this feature, you’ll need to navigate back to the Shipping Protection settings page. Then, you will need to select “Disable” on the “Shipping Protection with Extend” card.


Once you’ve confirmed that you want to turn off Shipping Protection with Extend, the system will no longer add the shipping protection markup to carrier-calculated shipping quotes at checkout. Additionally, the “Shipping protection with Extend” option in Order Fulfillment will no longer be automatically selected as the protection type.

Please note that you will still be responsible for protecting orders placed before the Shipping Protection feature was disabled. You will still see charges for these orders on your next variable invoice.


Q: Why should I enable Shipping Protection?

A: Shipping Protection with Extend is offered at no additional charge to you and will help you improve your customer experience. You can save time and reduce frustration by eliminating phone calls, carrier claims, and escalations for missing or damaged packages. Extend takes care of the interaction with your customers and carriers. You may also be able to provide buyers with faster replacements without any additional charges or financial risk.

Q: How are charges for Shipping Protection handled by RevolutionParts?

A: Once a customer places an order, a 1.6% markup is automatically added for protection on most orders. RevolutionParts covers the cost of the contract with our Shipping Protection partner, Extend, upfront. Next, we will send you a variable invoice to reclaim the markup cost that was collected at the time of the order. Your variable invoice will include a link to a Shipping Protection Reconciliation report for reviewing individual charges. The cost on your variable invoice should match the automatic 1.6% markup collected on eligible orders. 

Q: Which orders are eligible for Shipping Protection?

A: All domestic shipments that are shipped within the United States and Puerto Rico via DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS are eligible for shipping protection. Orders from all your selling channels can be protected. However, the way you collect the fee from your customers may differ depending on the channel and shipping methods offered.

All orders from the parts counter, web stores, plugin stores, and national stores can include a markup of 1.6% of the order subtotal on carrier-calculated shipping methods. Fixed/flat or free shipping offered through these channels will still be protected. However, the 1.6% markup cannot be added to the cost of shipping. You will need to review your pricing if you’re offering fixed/flat or free shipping to properly cover the cost of shipping protection.

All orders from marketplaces will also be protected. However, we cannot markup the cost of shipping on these channels. You will need to review your pricing to determine if you need to adjust pricing rules to account for the cost of shipping protection.

Q: How can I track Shipping Protection that’s applied to orders?

A: Both the Order Summary and Completed Order Summary reports include a “Shipping Protection Purchased” column where you can see the amount collected on eligible orders, which is included in the shipping fee for your customers. This will only be available on RP selling channels. Other charges associated with marketplace orders will need to be reviewed in the Shipping Protection Reconciliation report.

Q: How does the claims process work?

A: If a customer’s package was secured from loss, theft, or damage through Extend, they can reach out to Extend to file a claim. They should have received an email directly from Extend with their assigned Contract ID. They can search for their contract by their email address or Contract ID.

Your customers can visit the Extend Customer Claims Portal​ or call the toll-free number at (877) 248-7707 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday. If they have any additional questions about Shipping Protection, they can review the Extend Shopper’s Guide.

Learn more about the claims process in our Knowledge Base article.

Q: Why can Shipping Protection only be applied to carrier-calculated shipping methods?

A: The cost of shipping protection is applied to the Shipping line item on orders. If you’re offering free shipping, fixed rates, or flat rates on your store, then we would be unable to mark up the shipping fee for your customers. This also ensures that any promotional messaging about your shipping rates will remain accurate.

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