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How to setup oversized shipping

How to setup oversized shipping

  1. Log into your Rev Store
  2. Click the "Home" icon in the upper left (to be sure your on the Control Panel)
  3. Select the Shipping icon under "Helpful Tools"Screen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_8.24.03_AM.png

  4. Select the Custom Methods tabScreen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_8.29.28_AM.png
  5. Enter the Carrier Name
  6. Calculation Method - Base + Weight
  7. Oversized Items Method - YES
  8. Calculate Shipping Based On - Select from dropdown
  9. Countries - Select
  10. States/Provinces - Select
  11. Set the Priority
  12. Hidden - to hide from customers shipping options or not 
  13. Wholesale - NOScreen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_8.32.07_AM.png                                                        
  14. Save
  15. On the “Shipping Rates” tab                                                           
  16. You can edit the current pricing structure by min and max weights, the base price, and also price per pound of the order 
  17. If you wish to add an additional field you can do so at the bottom. Some examples formats are posted below.
    • Example 1:
    •  Example 2:



    • Example 3:


**Choose what format works best for your organization. Remember to hit SAVE!

NOTE: This method will only be used on oversized items that exceed the dimensional or weight restrictions used by your other standard shipping carriers.

You have successfully updated your oversized shipping methods. If you have any questions contact Support at support@revolutionparts.com or call 480-779-7278


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**Note: Shipping needs to be setup first (Please see "How to Set Up Shipping")

  1. Click "Add Method" listed under any of your Shipping RegionsScreen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.37.15_PM.png
  2. Method Type - Select Freight from the dropdownScreen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.38.26_PM.png
  3. Method Criteria
    • Checkmark (optional)
    • Enter min amount (optional)
  4. Calculation method
    • Select from dropdown (Fixed or Based on Weight)
    • Fee - enter amount (optional)
    • Additional Fee Per Item - enter amount (optional)
    • Screen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.40.54_PM.png
  5. Click Add Method
  6. Your new "Freight" method will show as a new line itemScreen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.53.17_PM.png

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing
support@revolutionparts.com or calling 480-779-7278!

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