Note: A sipping zone and region needs to be set up before you can add a method (How to Set Up Shipping)

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click the Account Settings gear on the top-right corner of the Control Panel
  3. In the left-side menu, expend your desired Selling Channel (store), then click Shipping > Methods.
  4. Click the "+Add Method" under the desired shipping region.Screen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.37.15_PM.png
  5. Set the Method Type to "Freight" in the dropdownScreen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.38.26_PM.png
  6. Method Criteria
    • Allow Hazmat (optional)
    • Enter minimum order subtotal (optional)
  7. Calculation method
    • Select from dropdown (Fixed or Based on Weight)
    • Fee - base charge, enter amount (optional)
      • If Fixed, Additional Fee Per Item - enter amount (optional)
      • If Based on Weight, Additional Fee per Pound - enter fee (optional)

  8. Click the "Add Method" button
  9. Your new "Freight" method will show as a new line item in the shipping region, and will only be visible to buyers who have oversized items in their cart.Screen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_12.53.17_PM.png
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