If you want to create custom products in bulk, read this article!
Custom products can be used to list aftermarket, performance parts, kits, apparel, or whatever else you'd like on your site.
  1. Click Products in the menu
  2. Click the "Create Product" button on the top-right of the page (a box will pop up)Screen_Shot_2017-07-07_at_10.15.28_AM.png
  3. Create New Product box:
    • Product Type -  Simple
    • Enter SKU and MPN 
    • Brand - Select from dropdown, or manually type a brand if the product doesn't belong to an OE manufacturer
  4. Click "Create Product"
  5. Within the product, enter all necessary info (Name, Description, Weights & Dimensions, Cost, and List price)
  6. Click Save
  7. Once you've saved the product, you'll be able to add images and direct pricing, otherwise it will follow your pricing rules.

Adding A Custom Part to a Custom Category

Within all products you have the ability to add the product to a category. This area is located in the product under the "Attributes" section. 

NOTE: Before adding you custom part to a Custom Category, you must create the category. Click this Custom Category link and follow the steps explaining how to setup.

  1. To add your product to a category, scroll to the category section of your product and "checkmark" the correct categoryScreen_Shot_2017-07-07_at_10.41.18_AM.png 
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