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Creating Custom Products


**Custom products can be used when listing aftermarket, performance parts, kits and apparel.

**Note: A custom category must be created prior to adding products to it. Please follow this link to create a Custom Category (if needed).


Adding a Product

  1. From the left-side menu
  2. Click Products & Categories
  3. Select Add a New Product


You can add products through the products manager or upload in bulk (link to steps located at the end of article). To add products through the store manager follow these instructions:

**Note: Product ID Requirements below:

  • 5+ digit number
  • 4+ alphanumeric with minimum 1 letter and 1 digit
  • Anything with an underscore
  • Any "word" with 2 or more hyphens ("touch-up" will not work "touch-up-paint" will work)
  • No special characters, including +  (  [  {  *  &  %  etc

Product Info Tab

  1.  Basic Properties 
    • Product Name (title) - title of the part
    • Product ID - enter the part number (NOTE: You must follow one of the part number requirements above)
    • Main Category (primary) - select the main category from dropdown
    • Secondary Categories - select this to add the product to multiple categories (Ctrl+click) if you want select more than one. 
    • Is this product available - leave selected unless you don't want to make public
    • Primary Image - 1020x680 or smaller recommended for zoom
    • Image Alt Text
  2. Pricing
    • Cost - required
    • List price 
    • Sale Price - required
    • Core Charge
    • Call for Price - checkmark (optional)
    • Use OEM Price an AttributesScreen_Shot_2017-07-13_at_8.23.57_AM.png
  3. Product Description - (add plain text or html) - enter description of product
  4. Sales Tax Properties - select "General" from dropdown menu Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_11.10.13_AM.png
  5. Product Properties (pricing and shipping related information)
    • Free shipping for this product? - Checkmark if applicable
    • Unit Weight - Required
    • Shipping price for Product Level -  Enter if applicable
    • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) - enter if applicable
    • Product Width - Recommended for more accurate shipping quotes
    • Product Length - Recommended for more accurate shipping quotes
    • Product Height - Recommended for more accurate shipping quotes
    • Mark product as Hazmat? - Checkmark if applicable
    • Product Ships in own box - Checkmark if applicable
    • Mark product as a "Hot Deal" - Will add the hot deal sticker 
    • Show product on homepage - Click if you want to display on your homepage
    • Priority - Display priority for items on the home page
  6. SEO Properties
    • Meta Title - 
    • Meta Description - This description is approx 160 character and summarizes the content of the page
    • Product Url (custom) - Your custom url will override the "pre-generated" urlScreen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_1.09.11_PM.png
  7. Save Changes


Attributes Tab

You may have a product that has a core charge, various colors or assemblies. Based on these selections, it may also impact price and shipping weight. 

  1. Click on the "Attributes" tab
  2. Click "Create New Attribute"
  3. Add Attribute
    • Attribute Name - for your understanding 
    • Attribute Caption - what the customer will see
    • Priority - used for sorting if you have multiple attributes 
    • Attribute type - drop-down is most common
    • Options - input the attribute option
    • Click Add Attribute
    • Save ChangesScreen_Shot_2017-07-13_at_8.51.15_AM.png

**Attribute Examples**

  • Accessory bag where customer can choose their preferred color:
  • Adding an attribute that increases the price:
  •  Save Changes. Here is what it looks like:


Inventory Tab

  1. Tracking Inventory at Attribute Level - Track only defined combinations
  • Here is another example where we need to add a refundable core charge using the radio button option:
  • Save Changes. Here is what it looks like:

Secondary Images Tab

  • Upload any additional images for product


**Note: If you plan on adding a lot or products and feel comfortable working in excel the bulk upload product option may be good option for you.  Please use follow this link Bulk Product Upload on how to bulk upload products.


This text will not appear on the finished article.


  1. Click Products in the menu
  2. Click the "Create Product" button (a box will popup)Screen_Shot_2017-07-07_at_10.15.28_AM.png
  3. Create New Product box:
    • Product Type -  Core
    • Enter SKU and MPN 
    • Brand - Select from dropdown
  4. Click "Create Product"
  5. Within the product, enter all necessary info (Name, Description, W&D and etc)
  6. Click Save


Adding Your Custom Part to a Custom Category

Within all products you have the ability to add the product to a category. This area is located in the product under the "Attributes" section. 

**NOTE: Before adding you custom part to a Custom Category, you must create it. Click this Custom Category link and follow the steps explaining how to setup.

  1. To add your product to a category, scroll to the category section of your product and "checkmark" the correct categoryScreen_Shot_2017-07-07_at_10.41.18_AM.png



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