The Verify Card feature places a small authorization on the customer's credit card, allowing you to ask the buyer how much was authorized in order to confirm ownership of the credit card. The customer will likely be able to find this amount by logging into their bank account, but some customers might need to call their bank/credit card issuer to find this amount (as not all authorizations show up online). However, if the buyer is unable to confirm the authorization amount for you, it may indicate to you that the order could be fraudulent.

To use Verify Card on an order,

  1. Open the desired order
  2. Scroll down to the "Payment" section and click "Verify Card"
    • If you don't see "Verify Card" on an order, you may need to enable it. Scroll down for instructions on enabling this feature on all orders.
  3. A popup will appear. The popup will automatically and randomly insert a number lower than $5 into the "Verification Amount" field. You can leave this number as-is, or adjust it to your preference (as long as it's less than $5).
  4. Clicking "Submit" will place an authorization on the buyer's credit card the amount shown in the "Verification Amount" field and add a line to the order's activity log.
    • This authorization will automatically expire on its own 
    • DO NOT tell the buyer the Verification Amount
  5. Ask the buyer to check their bank or credit card account and provide you with the amount of the authorization (sometimes called a pending charge) on their account. If they tell you the same amount you charged them, it means they have access to the bank or credit card account associated with the order. If they can't, that can help you make the decision whether or not to fulfill or cancel the order.

Stores that use this tool extensively are advised to build a Canned Message that explains the situation in order to make this process quicker.

NOTE: successfully verifying bank ownership using Verify Card is not a guarantee that an order won't be fraudulent later on. This tool is provided to assist you in making a decision only; the decision to process and ship an order is ultimately yours. Use of this tool is covered under the Limitation of Liability Disclosure contained in Section 20 of the RevolutionParts Terms and Conditions.


Verify Card is automatically enabled for all out-of-country orders. To enable it for all orders, including domestic orders, read below:

  1. Click the gear in the top-right corner to go to your account settings
  2. In the left-side menu, click "Order Settings," then "Order Page Settings"
  3. Enable the checkbox associated with "Verify Card"
  4. Click "Save Changes" in the top-right corner
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