Special order parts

Obsolescence is a growing problem for parts departments. A surplus of obsolete parts can make it difficult to generate revenue in the parts department. High parts obsolescence can be caused by a variety of different factors, including inventory errors or just low sales volume, but the number one contributing cause of parts obsolescence is a high percentage of unsold special order parts. 


Abandoned pickup orders are the largest challenge for parts departments. When special order parts are ready for their customers at the parts counter, their customers don’t show up. Why is that? 


How to reduce obsolescence?

Streamlining the department's processes for parts orders can help lower issues with parts obsolescence, but this doesn’t always solve the problem completely. Adopting different strategies for managing and offloading obsolete parts can help dealers eliminate inventory issues, increase customer traffic, and help generate more revenue through the parts department. 


Sell on eBay

One tried and true strategy for reducing obsolescence is to sell obsolete parts on eBay. This enables the dealership to reach a wider customer base, offer better prices to match or beat the competition, and ideally sell through much of their obsolete inventory.


With RevolutionParts, dealers can easily upload their inventory and sell parts on eBay, with the added benefit of no listing fees and reduced “Final Value” fees. We also make it easy to process eBay orders directly from our platform, so all of your online selling channels can be managed in one place. Our eBay integration also offers plenty of flexibility, so whether your focus is solely on obsolete parts, or you’re looking to make your entire in-stock inventory available, we provide the tools and strategies to help you connect with a wide range of buyers to maximize sales. 


Webinar on Obsolescence

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