Check out these tips to become a master at shipping OEM parts quickly, efficiently and profitably.


  • Negotiate better rates on shipping

As you hit certain sales volume thresholds, you can often negotiate better rates from shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx. With those discounts in place, you can pass a portion of your savings onto your parts shoppers by adjusting your store’s shipping markups, based on your negotiated rates. This will make you more competitive, and in turn should attract even more shoppers and increase conversion rates. 


  • Set up multiple shipping options and carriers

Fast and easy shipping is one of the biggest contributors to making buying decisions among today’s consumers. Offering convenient delivery options is a crucial component to your shipping strategy. 


For the best performance, RevolutionParts always recommends offering USPS shipping, in addition to at least one of the other major carriers (UPS or FedEx). Within each of those carriers, it’s important to offer a variety of options to attract different sorts of buyers: ground shipping is often the cheapest, and will typically resonate with most shoppers, but if someone needs a part quickly they’re often willing to pay more for speedier service. Offering expedited or overnight shipping – with increased markups – can ensure that you’re maximizing profit margins when processing orders for buyer who need their parts sooner rather than later. 


  • Don’t overpay for packing materials

Good packaging matters, and it helps you keep your brand image consistent across all stages of the customer buying experience. The right packaging in your shipping strategy can help:


Reduce returns and refunds

Improve the customer experience

Increase brand awareness

Increase repeat sales

You should always have a variety of boxes on-hand, but if you need to purchase packing materials, don’t buy retail — buy straight from the manufacturer, and save yourself money by purchasing in bulk. 


  • Fine tune your pricing rules 

Finding the right balance between shipping cost and parts pricing is essential to the success of your online store. It’s important to take into account the psychology of parts buyers. A part listed for $40 with $12 shipping is less attractive than a $52 part with free shipping.


Buyers love getting things for free, and with our marketplace channel tools for eBay, Amazon and Walmart, shipping costs can be “baked into” the parts price, making your listings appear more attractive. Competitive pricing can often lead to higher sales volume, which opens the door to other opportunities for profit, such as backend OEM incentives or negotiated shipping rates from your carriers.


  • Build your reputation

Seller reputation pays off in the long run. If you can build an army of return customers, your business can thrive amidst detrimental industry trends. Great customer service, fast consistent shipping, and high-quality products all bake into an infallible seller reputation. If you can consistently deliver on these three initiatives, then you might be able to increase profitability by gradually raising your prices – customers are often willing to pay more if they know for sure they are shopping with the most dependable business out there.


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